The Tolentino Effect

You know I've always wondered in what way I'll be able to have some sort of impact on our ever so expanding world called Earth. That's mainly why I chose to pursue technology. Its shaping on how we live our day to day lifestyle. Its ultimately determining business needs and generating an undeniable amount of revenue by increasing the job market.. More importantly technology has the ability to save lives. Now that we have resources and frameworks such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, the possibilities of what we can do is endless. One could read articles on detecting benign tumor cells before they even occur with Machine Learning, or read about the usage of predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence on reducing vehicle crashes.

This is why the story Mathew Tolentino is quite an interesting one. He utilized technology not only to make a fortune but to better increase the safety of individuals. A renowned research scientist at Intel, and founder of NAMAT…


The man, the myth, and not yet legend, but whoa is he a genius, Erick Hanberg. Well lets check out his resume. I mean the balls on this guy to sell a book that he hasn't even written is a legendary story within its self. I don't blame the consumers because he actually is a really talented writer. For those interested, he has a few science fiction adventures, and a Veronica Mars novella. How cool is that! Enough of books already, lets talk theater! An area that was not so fruitful to begin with. He has started an unsuccessful theater company but was still not in bad shape. Erik staged several well-reviewed plays, musicals, and cabarets. In addition, his dramatic writing for the theater has been featured in the Pierce County Playwright Festival, and our very own local Tacoma Little Theater.

This is the blueprint of an ultimate entrepreneur. Hangberg is not only an author of several books, thriving theatrics producer/director, but also the commissioner of the Metro Parks board! J…

By All Means

What could possibly go wrong? You and your friends have this great idea, so you make it into a product that has a potential to cure cancer itself! How can your ingenious plan be ripped to pieces by those parasitical trial lawyers? Rest easy my friends I gotchu covered. As they say, "Defend and conquer, for those with the best defense shall..." I don't know where I was going with that, but the point is, you need to be armored up, and ready to dance baby. If your product gets any type of traction, and I mean ANY, best believe they're coming.

First things first, this better be your fucking idea! Dude you never heard Trademark Infringement's? Anything that even slightly resemble's someone else's product will put you in deep shit. Let me give an example; Lets say you created a new animated TV show with a dog and his owner who solve crime mystery's together. By the way, the dog's name is Scoobert Doobert. Sound Familiar? Yeah, Scooby Doo and the gang wi…

Talk Niice

I strategically made it upon myself to be the enforcer as to calling out the rotation for who spoke about their business plan. In case you were wondering, yes, I went last. Give me a break, I wasn't going to share my harebrained ideas to the public.

Great group of guys tho, they had me asking, "Why did I not think of that myself!" Who knows I might even add some of their ideas to my Garbage Collection of Inventions for later usage. However, I did learn a lot from our small discussion. At the end, when everyone was completely fried, I nonchalantly gave them a run down about my gas app, and what do you know, we all inadvertently had the same problem. Everyone's small window of imagination suddenly turned into an ocean of worthless suggestions. Sitting there creating different versions of my design, the level of enthusiasm almost made me sick.

This small exercise truly helped me understand that we all have our own version of absurdity. You just need to find the right peop…

Stubborn Pockets

So here's the thing, software and technology go hand in hand and are both constantly changing. Someone will always find what ever cheap shit you have created and make it ten times better. That's just how life works. Especially in a time where AI has hit the streets and making the average laymen go completely insane. "THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE ALL OF OUR JOBS!". Hey now, just relaaax, look at the bright side, only some of you will be replaced.

There're a few basic Ideas I feel would definitely increase the laziness of my day to day lifestyle. I thought to myself, "how can I make an absolutely simple task even more simple.", Genius right! For the first inductee of my garbage collection of inventions: I present to you the gas app, and we'll just call it as is. The app has a few key features that would allow you to pay for your gas with out ever getting out of your car. Boom! Revolutionary! America would love this.

My second business plan is a bit perso…